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Dutch minister uses Brexit 'monster' to encourage citizens to prepare

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By Emma Beswick
Dutch minister uses Brexit 'monster' to encourage citizens to prepare
Copyright  Stef Blok/@ministerBlok

Dutch politician Stef Blok took an unusual approach when encouraging citizens to wise up about Brexit.

The foreign minister posted a photo on Twitter that showed him posing with a furry blue "muppet-like" Brexit monster.

"Make sure Brexit doesn't sit, or lie, in your way," was Blok's message.

The blue creature also features on the Dutch government's Brexitloket website, where companies can take a Brexit impact test to see how the UK's departure from the EU might affect their businesses.

It also offers links to articles on Brexit, including information for British people living in the Netherlands.


Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, on Thursday warned: "Who will be left weakened by Brexit is the United Kingdom."

“It is already weakening, it is a waning country compared to two or three years ago, he said. "It is going to become an economy of middling size in the Atlantic Ocean. It is neither the US nor the EU. It is too small to appear on the world stage on its own.”

He made the comments in an interview with European media channels, including Spanish publication El País.

The Netherlands is one of the UK's biggest trading partners and is one of the member states that stands to be most affected post-Brexit trade barriers.