Generation Z: Europe's first time voters

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By Euronews
Generation Z: Europe's first time voters

As we launch our election coverage 100 days ahead of the polls in May we will be meeting first-time voters - this time a climate protester in Belgium called Ines Andrews.

My name is Ines Andrews and I'm from France and England.

I will be voting for first time because I think it is not just a right, but also a privilege and also I think the European elections are important for me being bi-national and having lived in different European countries.

When I vote, I will be thinking about my future and everyone around me's future and the world because it lays in our hands. Recently at the climate march, I realised that most people below the age of 18 and they won’t be able to have the chance to have their voices heard and I think that is very important as they were at the march and they have strong opinions on the matter, so I want be a voice for them and be able to vote for them.

I want Europe to look like a place where people can express their opinions and concerns freely, and also be able to be a place which influences change positive changes around the world.

I think politicians should be more action and less talk meaning they should be more aware and caring of everything around them because they were voted for for a reason that so they should be able to fulfil that purpose.