'We will stay a close ally of Russia,' Armenian PM tells Euronews

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By Andrei Beketov  & Damon Embling
'We will stay a close ally of Russia,' Armenian PM tells Euronews

There was far more to the NATO summit than Donald Trump. Most of the final day was devoted to relations with partners in Eastern Europe.

In an interview with Euronews, the new Armenian prime minister made his government's position clear.

"We will stay a close ally of Russia and we hope to develop our relations with Russia - but with NATO and Western countries and European Union and United States as well. So we aren’t going to make a U-turn in our foreign policy," said Nikol Pashinyan.

Meanwhile, leaders of Georgia and Ukraine made a strong case for closer cooperation with NATO.

Ukrainian analyst Rostislav Khotin told Euronews: "Hungary effectively blocked further cooperation between NATO and Ukraine, including the work of a bilateral commission. 

"A compromise solution was proposed in what unofficially is called the 'Black Sea format' - NATO plus Georgia plus Ukraine. It means that NATO would have more influence on the Black sea region."

And on the question of new NATO members, it seems the new Brussels headquarters has plenty of room.

"NATO is interested at least having partnership with countries that see benefits in cooperation with the Alliance. You have Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden, Finland. I do think there is room in the building. I does also reflects NATO’s door remains open," said Magnus Nordenman of the Atlantic Council.

But the main point of discussion at the last day of the summit was Donald Trump's position towards Russia.

Reporting from Trump's news conference, Euronews reporter Andrei Beketov said: "President Trump said that it's easier for him to talk to his Russian colleague than to his European allies. They tried to convince him to take a tougher stance against Russia. Next, while in the UK, he'll hear about the Novichok poisonings. But Trump's position will be finally formed after his meeting with the President Putin."