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Flying high? EU to vote on new drone rules

Flying high? EU to vote on new drone rules
By Damon Embling
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"Having new rules will never stop those who don't care about safety."


The European Parliament will vote on Tuesday on new rules for flying drones in EU airspace.

Their use could account for 10 percent of the bloc's aviation market in a decade's time. But drone flying doesn't come without risks. 

Alain Stevens, President of the Chaufour Model Club, explained to Euronews: "I hear people coming to ask questions - I want to buy a drone, a little drone that's less than a kilo, and I want to go filming boats above a lake, I want to film a house, film here, film there. 

"I think these people don't realise that what they have in hand is dangerous, is very dangerous because you can have an accident. And that could have dramatic consequences."

The parliament vote on new aviation safety rules aims to harmonise the use of drones in EU airspace.

Enthusiast Julien Lengelé said: "You can fly at home a drone of less than one kilo and at a maximum of 10 metres without a camera. So, without registration, which makes sense because then you can avoid your neighbour who's sunbathing being filmed. But flying at home is not of interest."

The proposals include a maximum height rule for drones, new registrations and restricting flights near the likes of embassies and nuclear sites. There's also a push to cut noise pollution.

But there's a warning about the stricter legislation being planned.

"Take the example of a driver's license. You pass your test, but it doesn't stop you from driving 200 kilometres per hour on the highway - yet it's forbidden," commented Lengelé.

"So having new rules will never stop those who don't care about safety, and we will end up having problems."

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