Europe 'fundamental' in Germany's coalition talks

Europe 'fundamental' in Germany's coalition talks
By Euronews

Europe finds itself at the heart of negotiations to form next government

Europe finds itself at the heart of coalition talks in Berlin. As efforts continue to form a new government, the Christian Democrat and Social Democrat negotiators have been discussing their vision of the EU.

For the SPD leader and former European Parliament President Martin Schulz, Germany must again be the driving force.

“Europe will certainly be one of the fundamental issues for those who want to form the next federal government,” he said.

Merkel’s first coalition attempt failed in November, but she’s confident the talks with the SPD will succeed. They are being closely watched in Europe.

“If this coalition is formed, then I think it will be favourable to Europe, strengthening the Franco-German relationship. And beyond the partnership, to the rest of the European partners,” said Jean Arthuis, a French MEP,

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