The other face of climate change

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By Euronews
The other face of climate change

As Europe sets it sights on meeting the targets of the Paris pact, there’s a warning about another dire face of climate change.

A warning that worsening food and water shortages will trigger mass migration – and more conflict.

One US-based advisory group, visiting Brussels, told Euronews the threat is real.

“We’d like to be of assistance, we would like to ensure that weak states, weak governance doesn’t result in failing states and ungoverned territory where violent extremist organisations can form or if they’re already exist where they can recruit,” said retired US Navy Vice Admiral Lee F. Gunn, who is Vice-Chairman of the CNA’s Military Advisory Board.

NATO’s parliamentary assembly has already warned that prospects for food and water security are dire for the Middle East and North Africa region, with a call for governments to honour their financial pledges to developing countries – to help them adapt to climate change and to fertilise clean energy.

“During the time when the so called Islamic State held territory in the Middle East, they limited the distribution of the water to the people in the vicinity. And as a result of doing that they were able to coerce people more easily and to do the kind of things they wanted,” commented Gunn.

Analysts say more focus is needed on the insecurities, otherwise world leaders risk being caught “off guard.”