Terrorists 'want to split Britain'

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By Euronews
Terrorists 'want to split Britain'

The goal of the terrorist attack on Manchester Arena is to generate a reaction against Islam and hence divide society, a security expert has told Euronews.

One of the main victories that Daech has reaped is to have strongly influenced the Brexit vote

Didier Leroy Terrorism researcher, Ecole Royale Militaire, Brussels

“I think that here we must also understand that the objective is to create passionate reactions that will garner or energize the mixing up of Islam, Islamism, jihadism,” said Didier Leroy, a terrorism researcher at the Ecole Royale Militaire in Brussels “So it is in this perspective of fragmenting, creating divisions within Western society.”

“If the military battle is currently against the Islamic state, I think it is still too early to declare an ideological victory. And I think that one of the main victories that Daech has reaped is in particular to have strongly influenced the vote of the Brexit and even by extension the presidential election in the United States.”