Brexit to dominate diplomacy this week

Brexit to dominate diplomacy this week
By Euronews
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As Theresa May goes back to work after her summer holiday, German chancellor Angela Merkel visits 6 cities in 6 days to prepare EU response to Brexit


Nice and Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, Wurzburg and Ansbach – locations in France and Germany that were touched by sinister attacks this summer. These incidents have made the two countries determined to work together to fight terrorism. They will start by going after encrypted messaging apps like Telegram.

Two months after the UK voted to leave the EU and with the summer holiday period about to end, the topic is now set to dominate agendas. France and Luxembourg have already asked for “a clear timetable and for the UK to leave the EU as fast as possible” but for the head of European state with the most German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In one week, she met 15 heads of government and Prince.

Greece is also planning to organise a meeting with Southern European states to plan their stance on an EU without the UK. Then on 16 September, the 27 heads of state will meet in Bratislava for the first time without the UK.

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