What now for Ukraine in election aftermath?

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By Euronews
What now for Ukraine in election aftermath?

As the dust settles after Ukraine’s recent parliamentary elections all sides, within the country and outside, are taking stock of what they will mean for the future.

The Ukrainian conflict is full of mixed signals: a cease-fire that appears only real in name. Russian troops have pulled back, but Russian support of the pro-Russian population in the east of Ukraine is undiminished.

The presidents of Russia and Ukraine have met and President Putin has talked with EU leaders. Meanwhile, negotiations on a gas deal before the winter offer hope of a lessening of tensions.

Will the election outcome change anything? What should the EU and the rest of the West be doing now? Ease sanctions against Russia, or wait and see? Those are the issues under discussion in this edition of The Network. Anchor Chris Burns’ discussion panel includes Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian Ambassador at large,
Johannes (Hans) van Baalen, Dutch Liberal MEP, who was an EU observer at the elections and Daniel Gros, Director of CEPS, Center for European Policy Studies.

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