Is Iran serious about a deal on its nuclear programme?

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By Euronews
Is Iran serious about a deal on its nuclear programme?

Iran has opened its doors to the world’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA as part of a deal with six world powers aimed at preventing the country from building an atom bomb.

In exchange, Iran is starting to recover billions in assets frozen by UN-backed sanctions, though the trade embargoes remain in place to pressure for a final agreement.

Critics say all the moves are reversible, that Iran could secretly divert bomb-building personnel and facilities deep underground, immune from air strikes.

Iran’s new president, Hassan Rohani, is credited with the initial nuclear deal. But with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei remaining the supreme leader, is Iran just buying time?

Those are the issues under discussion in this edition of The Network.

Hosting the programme at the European Parliament, Chris Burns gets the views of three panelists with their own perspective on developments.

They are: Tarja Cronberg, Finnish MEP, Chair Delegation for relations with Iran and a meber of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance;

His Excellency Mahmoud Barimani, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ambassador to the European Union.

And joining the show from Vienna is Robert Kelley, Associated Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.