EU enlargement

EU enlargement
By Euronews
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Andrea, in Italy, asks:

“What will the economic consequences be when more countries become members of the European Union in 2013?”

Peter Stano, European Commission Spokesman for Enlargement, responds: “Thank you for the question Andrea. Next year, only one country is due to join the European Union and that will be Croatia in July. That means that the EU will have 28 members in July 2013.

The practical consequences and economic benefits are obvious if you take previous enlargements.

Every time the European Union has enlarged, basically it was very positive both for the country which joined the EU and for the European Union as such. Because if anew country joins the EU that means that the zone – not only of political stability and democratic stability – but also the zone of joint and common market is enlarged; that means that the European rules, principles and values will apply, creating very conducive environment for businesses, for investments and once the businesses are confident they are coming and they are helping the country to support growth and create jobs.

On the other hand of course, they are producing and they have the movement and exchange of trade, of goods, etc, etc. So, the benefits are there. And I think it will be pretty obvious and pretty quick that we start to feel the benefits of Croatia’s entry into the EU as well.”

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