Restrictions on goods when travelling around Europe

Restrictions on goods when travelling around Europe
By Euronews
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In this edition of U-talk the question comes from François in Paris: “I plan to travel from France to Lithuania by car. Are there any restrictions on goods I can bring with me?”

The response comes from Nina Koudelkova a Communication Officer with Europe Direct:

“There are no limits on what you can buy and take with you when you travel between EU countries, as long as it is for personal use and not for resale.

“Taxes – VAT and excise duties - are included in the price you pay and no further payment of tax can be due in any other EU country. However, keep in mind that special rules apply to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

“When travelling from one EU country to another EU country with such products, you do not have to prove the goods are for your personal use if you are carrying fewer than; 800 cigarettes, 1kg of tobacco or 10 litres of spirits.

“Some countries allow you to carry more than these limits without proving they are for your own use. Check with the national authorities what their thresholds are. If you stay within these thresholds, you do not pay excise duties in the EU country you are going to if they are for your own use and you transport them.

“If you are carrying more tobacco or alcohol than the amounts automatically allowed for personal use, you may be asked to prove that they are for your own use or to produce proof of purchase, a receipt or invoice.

“Finally, if you want to travel within the EU with 10,000 euros or more in cash or the equivalent in another currency, you must check with the customs authorities in the countries you are leaving, entering and passing through whether you must declare it.”

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