What VAT is due when buying a car?

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By Euronews
What VAT is due when buying a car?

In this edition of U-talk our question comes from Cecile: “I live in Arlon, close to the Belgian border with Luxembourg and I plan to buy a car there. The retailer told me that I would need to pay VAT for this purchase in Belgium. Is he correct?”

Luisa Laranjo from Europe Direct provided the answer:

“If you buy a new car, you must pay VAT when registering it in your country of residence – Belgium in your case – at the VAT rate applied there.

“A new car is defined as one that has been driven for fewer than 6,000 kilometres or that is less than six months old.

“If you buy a used car from a professional dealer you will pay VAT only in the country where you buy it, Luxembourg in your case.

“If you wish to buy a used car from a private individual, you don’t pay VAT either in the country where you bought it or in your home country.”

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