20 totally realistic eco-fashion rules to live by

20 totally realistic eco-fashion rules to live by
By Ines Fressynet
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What is slow fashion and how to be a sustainable fashion shopper in 20 easy to remember rules.


Whether you're far into your sustainable fashion journey or you've landed on this page by mistake, you'll definitely find something valuable for you on this list. Easy and realistic - we won't tell you not to buy anything for the next century and beyond - our 20 slow fashion rules tackle the main issues created by fast fashion. These are long-term solutions to reconcile you with your wardrobe and reduce its environmental footprint. 

So, which of these rules do you live by? 

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#1 Choose organic cotton over regular cotton.

#2 Know your sustainable fabrics: linen, leather, tencel and ramie to name a few.

#3 Don’t buy into trends for fear of peer pressure.

#4 Design a bespoke capsule wardrobe to fit both your life and style.

#5 Buy from local designer when travelling to a new destination.

#6 Invest in durable, timeless pieces that you can pass onto the next generation.

#7 Get crafty and repair your clothes instead of throwing them in the bin at the first tear.

#8 Rent luxury evening wear for special occasions instead of a purchasing a new, cheap alternative.

#9 Follow ethical fashion bloggers for inspiration.

#10 Snatch second-hand luxury pieces you won’t see on everyone else.

#11 Sale, donate or repurpose clothes that no longer fit.

#12 Find out more about the Fashion Revolution movement and spread the word.

#13 Take care of your clothes so they will last more than a season.

#14 Tired of your clothes? Swap them with a friend.

#15 Always look for a sustainable alternative to a trend you like.


#16 Shop conscious brands whatever your budget: from Asos to Net-à-Porter.

#17 Be aware of the future innovative materials about to take the world of fashion by storm.

#18 Always make sure that you're in cruelty-free and vegan fashion territory before shopping.

#19 Learn about fashion history and world crafts. Don’t be a hanger for fashion appropriation.

#20 Get daily inspiration and discover sustainable brands on Euronews Living everyday.

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