23 easy things you can do to be more eco now

23 easy things you can do to be more eco now
By Ines Fressynet
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Beat eco-anxiety with this digestible list of easy things you can do to live a greener life without sacrificing on style and comfort.


We picked 23 very easy tips and swaps you can do to live a more eco-conscious life in this sad #earthovershootday situation and fight the crippling eco-anxiety that comes with it. It won’t change your life but it will have an impact on the planet and inspire those around you. Brag about it on social media, we want to hear from you: @euronewsliving

#1 Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

#2 Opt for a sustainable, aluminium-free, plastic free, deodorant.

#3 Invest in a reusable water bottle in stainless steel and refill it at the tap, in bars and restaurants.

#4 Choose your veggies organic and buy them unpackaged, at local farmers’ market.

#5 Get organic locally-sourced fruits and veggies in a box directly delivered to your door on a weekly basis.

#6 Rescue unsold perfectly good food before it goes to waste.

#7 Do your research before choosing a restaurant and make sure food is homemade and organic including vegetarian and vegan options.

#8 Don’t buy anything new for a month.

#9 Invest in second-hand and vintage pieces.

#10 Rent luxury occasion wear clothes you know you’ll only wear once.

#11 If buying new, always choose to invest in sustainable and ethically-made swimwear, lingerie and shoes.

#12 Accessorise with sustainable jewellery and bags.

#13 Carry a tote bag with you.

#14 Choose train over plane.

#15 Choose bike over car.

#16 Eat vegetarian (meatless and fishless) and vegan (no animal product at all) meals several times a week.

#17 Use solid soap instead of shower gel.


#18 Switch to reusable cotton pads, towels and natural sponges.

#19 Buy dry goods and shower products in bulk.

#20 Prepare your lunch and snacks ahead of time and bring them to work in reusable containers.

#21 Sort your trash and compost your biodegradable waste.

#22 Get low-energy light bulbs to light up your house and switch to a green energy supplier.


#23 Educate yourself and find more tips and stories of eco-heroes on Euronews Living everyday.

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