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How to make your bathroom more eco-conscious

How to make your bathroom more eco-conscious
By Euronews
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The contents of your bathroom cupboard will have never been so sustainable with these eco-friendly alternatives.


When it comes to recycling in the kitchen— we’re all clued up. But often our bathrooms are where we really fall short. Because recycling beauty products can often feel like a minefield, not knowing how and what you can put in your green bin. But that’s why we’re here to help… from plastic-free alternatives to super sustainable and recyclable beauty products, here’s what to stock your bathroom shelves with.

Sustainable beauty brands to shop

Ren: 100% recyclable packaging

REN has been really leading the way with their cut-down on plastic packaging and the brand has set a goal to become completely zero waste by 2021. With 100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions, bottles with reclaimed ocean plastic - they’re working hard towards a waste-free future. In the meantime, to tackle the current waste issue – REN together with a global activist partner, Surfrider - are cleaning up beaches and oceans worldwide, now.

Oce Ocean Beauty: lab grown kelp, seaweed and algae

Having recently launched on Net-a-Porter, One Ocean Beauty harnesses ‘Blue Technology’ which involves reproducing marine extracts from kelp, seaweed, and algae from around the world, in a lab, rather than harvesting from the ocean, meaning marine life isn’t disturbed. All of their packaging and distribution is 100% recyclable with zero waste, they see sustainability as no longer a choice but a necessity within the beauty industry, with their brand motto being ‘Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good'.

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We Are Paradoxx: offering eco-refill options

We Are Paradoxx are self-confessed environmentalists and take their responsibility to the world seriously. They are currently 90% plastic-free, choosing to use readily recyclable aluminium where possible and offering eco-refill options. Organic ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably and they donate to local social causes regularly too.

Herbivore Botanicals: completely non-toxic

Packaged in recyclable and reusable packaging (often sharing ideas of how to reuse them on social media) Herbivore Botanicals uses many certified organic ingredients and is 100% natural with no fillers and completely non-toxic.

BYBI beauty: sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes

Using sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes that are both recyclable and industrially compostable, BYBI beauty also prints on glass rather than use labels, which makes it easier for you to recycle. Whilst they’re not 100% recyclable (some things like droppers and pumps are very hard to make recyclable) they are always striving to use the component that has the least amount of plastic.

Soaper Duper: fully recyclable plastic pump

Soaper Duper’s range is fully recyclable and uses as much recycled plastic as possible in the composition of their packaging. Their new packaging (which has just landed on shelves) now contains a fully recyclable plastic pump for their iconic bubble bottles (most pumps contain a metal spring which cannot be recycled).

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Easy switches to make

Want an easy way to go plastic-free? Ditch the bottles and buy solid soaps instead. From shampoos and conditioners, to cleansers and body scrubs— pretty much everything is now available in soap form, as long as you know where to shop…

Nuddy Mango Soap, £4.95

Dr Bronner’s Organic Rose Soap Bar, £4.99

Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar, £16

LUSH New Shampoo Bar, £7.50

Bain & Savon Solid Conditioner Bar, £8.50

Galinée Prebiotic Cleansing Bar, £10

Words: Chloé Burcham

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