#GoodReads | Plastic vs fish, slow fashion and how much water you should be drinking

Oceans seaside
Oceans seaside
By Maeve Campbell
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The second week of June brings us the best in sustainable content from around the web


Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the Sunday newspapers in hand? Why not delve into our most riveting reads from around the web this week, and learn something while you're at it.

Our top picks for the second week of June include two articles investigating the ups and downs of sustainable fashion and what exactly it does for the environment, plus a thorough insight into how much plastic is under the sea, and a comprehensive guide on how much you water you should actually be drinking.

Do we really need any more sustainable fashion brands?

Clothes boutique

An enlightening read by Whitney Bauck. She addresses the climate crisis carefully by examining the world of sustainable fashion and whether it’s actually having a positive impact on the environment. She reminds us, "We can't buy ourselves out of the problem."

Source: Fashionista

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish: We investigate the terrifying impact of plastic on our oceans

Plastic bottle under the sea

Glamour investigates the amount of plastic we are funneling into the ocean on a yearly basis and recommends some great brands working to against the problem. With quotes from Greenpeace plastic campaigner Fiona Nicholls and a recent study by GlobalWebIndex warning us of the risks we are facing.

Source: Glamour

How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day, According to Experts

Glass of water with a slice of lemon

An interesting, in-depth article on how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis. This is a good wellness read, showing the miraculous qualities of water to transform your skin, energy levels and concentration. Just don’t forget to refill in a reusable bottle!

Source: Good Housekeeping

Forget fast fashion: slow style pioneers on the clothes they've worn for decades

Woman wearing a dress

Fast fashion is being written about a lot this week. The next article we liked the look of is by The Guardian, who describe how we’re all growing tired of cheap, disposable items and ‘haul culture’, and how best to combat this. Including frightening and illuminating stats, such as the fact we send £140 million of clothing to landfill every year in the UK.

Source: The Guardian

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