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Not Crazy in Love: What’s the controversy over Beyoncé’s new wax statue in Paris?

Not Crazy in Love: What’s the controversy over Beyoncé’s wax statue in Paris?
Not Crazy in Love: What’s the controversy over Beyoncé’s wax statue in Paris? Copyright Musée Grévin - X
Copyright Musée Grévin - X
By David Mouriquand
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Beyoncé now has her wax double at the famous Paris museum Musée Grévin. And it’s not going down too well...


Visitors have been petitioning for the music icon to get her effigy debut at Paris’ famous wax museum for quite some time.

Makes sense: she’s one of the most celebrated female artist in history with 28 Grammy Awards, and she released her acclaimed eighth studio album, ‘Cowboy Carter’, earlier this year. We were a bit mixed on it, but the consensus is strongly in Bey’s favour. 

And the museum went all in. Decked out in a gold bodysuit and sitting cross-legged on a hoop, the lifelike sculpture of Queen B took the Musée Grévin's creative workshop team and veteran sculptor Claus Velte six months to complete. 

What’s most impressive is that they only had to work exclusively from photographs, as usually celebrities come to pose in the flesh.  

"Each photo can present a different colourimetry, as well as facial volumes, smiles, no smiles, heads up or down", states the museum's press release. 

However, not everyone is impressed by the final result, and it’s not hard to see why...  

Indeed, while Beyoncé will now be admired by the 900,000 annual visitors to the Grévin, the wax statue is already facing some criticism on two fronts.  

First, for the supposedly excessive "whiteness" of wax Bey's skin, a snag reminiscent of the controversy surrounding The Rock last year. The Fast And Furious actor, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson, even demanded - and obtained - touch-ups on his statue, which was far too light for his taste. 

"Who's that white woman", one X user asked. "They bleached Beyoncé", another added.  

Beyoncé has yet to react, but the museum did point out that, depending on the angle of the photo (and the lighting), the colour can change...  

Fair enough... But that hardly explains the lack of resemblance to the singer and the fact she looks like a haunted Barbie doll version of Shakira. If Shakira had undergone severe and extensive surgery following a freak yachting accident.  

"This wax representation of Beyoncé looks absolutely nothing like her," lamented one fan on X, while advising the museum to make some necessary changes. 

“No effort here – it looks like everyone except Beyoncé. And her nose seems too thin and her skin too white.” 

Will Beyoncé follow The Rock’s example and ask for a touch up? Is the Musée Grévin losing its touch? 

Whatever happens next, we’re joining the Beyhive in saying we’re not Crazy in Love with this effigy. What are your thoughts?

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