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Euro 2024: The teams bringing the best style to the pitch

Euro 2024: The teams bringing the best style to the pitch
Euro 2024: The teams bringing the best style to the pitch Copyright Nike
Copyright Nike
By David Mouriquand
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Euro 2024 is upon us and it’s a sartorial feast to enjoy. Here’s Euronews Culture’s ranking of the most optically pleasing football kits.


“So, the Euros are starting at the end of this week,” states my editor. “Could you do a piece about it?” 

I stare blankly, like a confused giraffe who’s just been asked to open a bank account.  

“You do realise that me writing about football is like asking a chicken to explain the concept of gravity?” I retort – realising that I’ve already used two animal comparisons and that I really should get my head examined.  

Nonetheless, I agree.  

To be fair, the only times I attempt to give a damn about football are during the Euros and the World Cup, just because I quite enjoy the way people get all riled up over their national teams and how terraces are filled with cheering - and some weeping - during the summer evenings.

The only thought that came to mind was checking out the kits the players would be wearing this year, and assessing which of the 24 European teams will be the most stylish on the pitch this year. I wasn’t disappointed.  

So, considering it all kicks off today in Germany, here's my countdown to the best jerseys honouring the intersection where sports fans and fashionistas join hands in perfect harmony. And this year, the away shirts are doing all of the heavy lifting...

6) Germany

Germany - Away kit
Germany - Away kitAdidas

Germany has done very well this year by having a classic design for their home shirt and a more modern one for their away gear.  

The first has the traditional white, black, red and gold colour scheme, with a gradiant flame effect on the shoulders. It’s very stylish, even if it made headlines earlier this year for all the wrong reasons.

The second is my favourite, with its pink and purple washes that reflect a more modern and diverse look which should speak to the new generation of fans. With Adidas soon to be replaced as official suppliers to Die Mannschaft after three decades, they’ve definitely gone bold for their last design before Nike takes over. Gut gemacht! 

5) England

England - Away kit
England - Away kitNike

The England away shirt got a lot of flack when it was released, due to the tampering with St. George's cross on the kit. It was a childish and ugly debacle, only highlighted by how strong this tradition-scrapping design is.

The raisin-colour works, the golden crest is lovely, and the purple-blue-beige flashes on the flanks are terrific. 

4) Ukraine

Ukraine - Away kit
Ukraine - Away kitJoma

Both the home and away kits for Ukraine’s shirts shine by their simplicity. And if you look closely enough on the away kit, you’ll notice the Ukrainian border depicted in the background. A powerful detail, considering Russia’s ongoing invasion. 

3) Belgium

Belgium - Away kit
Belgium - Away kitAdidas

While the team’s home kit has the traditional red colour to emphasize the players’ nickname of the Red Devils / Red Flames, their away kit is cultural and geeky perfection this year, as it’s a tribute to Belgian cartoonist Hergé and his intrepid reporter Tintin.  

It is composed of a blue jersey with a white collar, brown shorts, and white socks.  


It shouldn’t work. But it really does. 

All that’s needed now is for the team to walk onto the pitch with Fox Terriers called Snowy and it’s true genius. We’re hoping the rest of the teams are taking notes – France needs an Asterix-inspired outfit now.  

2) Portugal

Portugal - Away kit
Portugal - Away kitNike

This Nike designed kit is the last for Portugal, as PUMA are taking over next year. Still, what a swansong.  

The design pays homage to the nation’s traditional ceramics, with the blue mosaic tile graphic shown in a faux-worn print. It’s eye-catching and subtle, and a perfect way to honour the country’s artistry.  


1) France

France - Away kit
France - Away kitNike

The French team look dashing with both their home and away kits this year, with the enlarged Gallic rooster crest standing out in this stylish retro design.  

But once again, the away kit is the strongest design, with a very chic pinstripe that subtly shifts through the colours of the national flag. Yes, it’s vaguely pyjama like, but it's darling.

The only risk regarding this kit is the possibility of people mocking the comically sized cockerel, with jokes about the French overcompensating... Still, it’s my winning pick for this year’s Euro kits. Chapeau, messieurs!  

Euro 2024 kicks off today and lasts until 14 July. 

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