Brewing success: Can coffee help you predict Oscar winners?

Brewing success: Can coffee help you predict Oscar winners?
Brewing success: Can coffee help you predict Oscar winners? Copyright Apple TV+, Searchlight Pictures, Storible
Copyright Apple TV+, Searchlight Pictures, Storible
By David Mouriquand
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A company has used the presence of coffee on screen to forecast the winner of the 2024 Best Picture. Are they onto something un-frapp-ing believable, or is there trouble brewing?


While you wait with bated breath for our full Oscar predictions, Digital PR firm Storible has released its new Oscar prediction based on an unexpected factor: Coffee.

By collecting the films with coffee features and the number of coffee scenes in each film, the company has ascertained that the presence of cups of joe may be a more significant predictor than previously thought.

According to their perfectly blended research, coffee appears in one-third of Oscar winners, and each coffee scene boosts a film's Oscar chances by precisely 26.52%.

Based on the number of coffee appearances, Storible has come to the conclusion that the ideal number of coffee features for a film to win an Oscar is eight, and they predict that the winner of Best Picture this year will be...


Killers of the Flower Moon.

This year's Best Picture nominees - with coffee
This year's Best Picture nominees - with coffeeStorible

Martin Scorsese’s epic about the US’ genocidal conspiracy surrounding the preyed-upon Osage tribe boasts 6 coffee features – the highest this year.

Both Poor Things and American Fiction follow with four, while The Zone of Interest tallies just three. The likes of Anatomy of a Fall, The Holdovers, Maestro and Oppenheimer all have two - and we cannot espresso how disappointed we are with these low numbers.

While 2024 might be a good year for onscreen unleaded fuel, the research team at Storible highlights that 2022 was the most fab-brew-lous year for damn fine cups of wake up juice.

Indeed, coffee made the most frequent appearances in Oscar-winning films two years ago, with a total of 1202 times. “However, despite this high number, only 22.2% of Oscar-winning films featured coffee, which is lower compared to years with fewer coffee appearances.”

In 2011, coffee was featured in 94% of Oscar winners, the highest percentage among the years examined.

Oscars in cups of Joe
Oscars in cups of JoeStorible

The study also determined the effect of specific coffee brands on a film’s chances of winning an Oscar, with Starbucks having the highest effect. A movie can have 20.3% more chances to win an Oscar if it has one more scene featuring Starbucks; brands Folgers and Hilltop are close behind, with 19.3% and 18.1%, respectively.

You can read the full report here.

So, will the totemic presence of coffee prevail? 

If Killers of the Flower Moon wins on Sunday, you know what metrics we’ll be adhering too in the future when it comes to predicting Golden Baldie winners.

And if frontrunner Oppenheimer wins... Well, sip happens.

This year’s Academy Awards take place on Sunday 10 March. Stay tuned to Euronews Culture for news, updates and live coverage this weekend.

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