You do not want to miss these standout exhibitions at this year's London Gallery Weekend
You do not want to miss these standout exhibitions at this year's London Gallery Weekend Copyright Courtesy: London Gallery Weekeend

In pictures: These are the must-see exhibitions at London Gallery Weekend 2023

By Theo Farrant
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With more than 125 participating galleries, the 2023 edition of London Gallery Weekend will see mega-galleries come together to highlight the vibrancy of the UK capital's gallery scene.

Calling all art enthusiasts in the capital of the UK! The highly anticipated London Gallery Weekend is finally upon us. 


More than 125 contemporary galleries from across London are uniting in an extraordinary showcase of the city's thriving art scene. 

Spanning three days from 2 June to 4 June, each day shines a spotlight on a different area of London.

And the best part? It's completely free for everyone!

The event's website also offers curated routes by notable figures, including Gilbert & George and Larry Achiampong, which can be viewed online.

Here is our curated photo gallery featuring some of the noteworthy art and performances at the event. 

'Once Again… (Statues Never Die)' by Isaac Julien at the Victoria Miro

© Isaac Julien/Victoria Miro
Isaac Julien, Statues Never Die (Once Again...Statues Never Die)© Isaac Julien/Victoria Miro

'Heart of Drought' by Sabine Moritz at Pilar Corrias

Courtesy: Sabine Moritz/Pilar Corrias
Sabine Moritz, Kamtschatka III, 2022.Courtesy: Sabine Moritz/Pilar Corrias

'Fist of Fury' by Jane Dickson at Alison Jacques

Courtesy: Jane Dickson/Alison Jacques, London
Jane Dickson Burlesk 3, 2017Courtesy: Jane Dickson/Alison Jacques, London

A solo exhibition by Cary Kwok at Herald St

Courtesy: Cary Kwok/Herald St, London/Andy Keate
Cary Kwok, Till the End of Time, 2022.Courtesy: Cary Kwok/Herald St, London/Andy Keate

Performance art (For The Willow Tree) by Li Hei Di

Courtesy: Kurt Guo/Li Hei Di
Li Hei Di, Human Backpack, 2017Courtesy: Kurt Guo/Li Hei Di

Sculpture work by Ali Cherri at Nicoletti

Courtesy: Ali Cherri/Imame Farès, Paris/Tadzio
Ali Cherri, The Avian Spirit, 2021. Amulet of the Egyptian falcon god Horus in glass pasteCourtesy: Ali Cherri/Imame Farès, Paris/Tadzio

'And I saw a new heaven' by Larry Achiampong at Copperfield

Courtesy: Larry Achiampong/Copperfield
Larry Achiampong, Power in the Blood, 2022.Courtesy: Larry Achiampong/Copperfield

Ceramic work by Narumi Nekpenekpen at Soft Opening

Courtesy: Narumi Nekpenekpen/Theo Christelis/Soft Opening
Narumi Nekpenekpen, 'we blinked together upon shooting stars.', 2021.Courtesy: Narumi Nekpenekpen/Theo Christelis/Soft Opening

'itsanosofadog' by Amanda Moström at Rose Easton

Courtesy: Rose Easton, London
Amanda MoströmCourtesy: Rose Easton, London

'Encounter' by Claude Viallat and Lee Ufan at Pace Gallery

Courtesy: Claude Viallat/Ceysson & Bénétière and Pace Gallery
Claude Viallat, 2016/059, acrylic on tarpaulinCourtesy: Claude Viallat/Ceysson & Bénétière and Pace Gallery

Performance art (not a centre, but a mesh) by Nicole Bachmann

Courtesy: Nicole Bachmann/Istituto Svizzero and VITRINE
Nicole Bachmann, partly anchored a mesh of seeds, 2021. Performance at Istituto Svizzero, Rome, IT.Courtesy: Nicole Bachmann/Istituto Svizzero and VITRINE

'The Seven Deadly Sins' by Chris Ofili at Victoria Miro

Courtesy: Chris Ofili/Jack Hems
Chris Ofili, The Seven Deadly Sins.Courtesy: Chris Ofili/Jack Hems
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