Sweden's entry Loreen announces Europe tour after Eurovision win

Eurovision champion - Loreen holds her trophy aloft
Eurovision champion - Loreen holds her trophy aloft Copyright Copyright 2023 The AP
By Saskia O'Donoghue
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The Swedish Eurovision champion let slip that she'll be going on a European tour starting in November, following her second win at the Song Contest


Following her historic Eurovision win, Loreen has announced she’s going on tour.

Not only did the Swedish star captivate Europe, triumphing at Eurovision for a second time – a feat only achieved once before – but the ‘Tattoo’ singer wowed fans with confirmation that she’ll be touring the continent later this year.

At a press conference following the show, she told the audience, “There’s going to be a tour in Europe in November”, adding with a laugh, “they’re [her management] going to kill me, but hey”.

While there had been no suggestion that Loreen would go on tour, it’s not a surprise for one of the most successful Eurovision winners in the event's 67-year-history. 

She first won with Europop classic ‘Euphoria’ in 2012, and with her win with ‘Tattoo’, she joins Ireland's Johnny Logan as one of only two acts to emerge victorious twice. But the Irishman claims bragging rights as a triple winner having wrote 'Why Me?', the triumphant song at Eurovision in 1992. 

Copyright 2023 The AP
Eurovision champion - Loreen performs her winning song 'Tattoo'Copyright 2023 The AP

Loreen, 39, has become well-known for her spirituality and pre-performance rituals. Speaking to the assembled press after Saturday night’s four-hour show, she explained how she psyched herself up for her winning performance.

“I do different things depending on the vibe of the arena," she said. "Today before I went up on stage I meditated; I threw everyone out of the room and said, 'I’m going to meditate here for a while'.

“I also put a song on repeat just to get in a certain vibration because there’s a lot of distractions around, you know. We’re creators and our purpose is to send out stuff that’s beautiful, but it needs to be without distractions.”

While Loreen and her team didn’t announce any more details on the upcoming tour, there’s no doubt lucky ticket holders will be in for a great experience. She says she needs an audience to put on the best possible show.

“I’m a people’s person. I feel the energy there. You should see me when I rehearse and there’s no audience – I suck. I don’t know what to do with myself at that moment, but when there are people there, something happens”.

Thanking her fans for their undying support, she added, “the audience, you guys, are the only thing that exists at that moment. When I perform my focus is on you and sending out whatever is going on inside me to you guys”.

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Here they go again? Fans are hoping Loreen's win could mean a much-wanted ABBA reunionCopyright The AP

Loreen’s win was certainly a big deal for Sweden and next year’s contest to be held in the Scandinavian nation saw countless rumours circling on Twitter. Global sensation ABBA will be celebrating 50 years since their Eurovision Song Contest win next year and fans are hoping for a long-awaited reunion to mark the occasion – but could they pop up in some capacity during fellow Swedish icon Loreen’s upcoming tour? We’ll have to wait and see!

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