French sex in numbers: 15 takeaways from 2023 sex report reveals truth about Gallic kinkiness

Amorelie, one of France’s most popular online sex shops, has released a 2023 sex report - some results may surprise you
Amorelie, one of France’s most popular online sex shops, has released a 2023 sex report - some results may surprise you Copyright Amorelie
Copyright Amorelie
By David Mouriquand
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French sex in numbers: Here are the 15 takeaways from 2023 sex report, revealing the truth about Gallic kinkiness


The French have something of a reputation to uphold.

You may have heard that they’re world champions when it comes to strikes, that they love taking advantage of living in wine country, and the stereotype that you shouldn’t get in between a French person and their baguette is true.

However, what about the other baguette, if you catch the drift...

There’s a cliché that’s regularly trotted out that the French are the world’s greatest lovers. The truth is that most sex surveys place the French firmly in the middle of European nations when it comes to frequency and prowess, but still, the stereotype lingers.

So, embracing the ooh la la notoriety, have you ever wondered how kinky the French are and what their favourite position is?

Speculate no more, as the results are in, courtesy of Amorelie, one of France’s most popular online sex shops. Amorelie has released a 2023 sex report (and a quiz), delving into French people's preferences and proclivities when it comes to lovemaking, masturbation and pornography usage, and some of the results may surprise you…

Here are the 15 takeaways from the Sexreport:

Amorelie's report states that only 4% of French people have sex every dayAmorelie

1. 4% of French people have sex every day, while 31% engage in sex several times a week. The highest percentage of people (39%) have sex several times a month, while a staggering 19% only do it once a month. Spare a thought for the 7% in the ‘never’ column.

2. When it comes to favourite positions, the French favour doggy style, followed by the missionary position. Spoon for the bronze.

3. 22% of French people prefer to have sex in the morning rather than at night.

4. 1/5 of French people want to try role-playing games; same statistic for those who own bondage kits.

5. 26% of French people have threesomes as their ultimate secret desire. The majority of men (56% vs. 30% of women) imagine themselves with two women, while the majority of women (54%, vs. 14% of men) prefer a threesome with two men. Other fantasies include group sex (11% of French people have apparently taken part in group sex), role playing (19% enjoy this kink), 18% have partaken in bondage, while an impressive 29% of French people have tried slow “Tantra” sex.

French preferences - 2023Amorelie

6. Preference wise, 52% of French people like to dominate during sex, 80% prefer slow sex as opposed to a quickie, and 74% prefer tender lovemaking as opposed to “hard” sex.

7. 5% of French people feel particularly aroused by having their… feet stroked.

8. 13% of people would like to have sex on the washing machine from time to time. Other locations for fantasy lovemaking include hotels (40%), baths or showers (39%), beached (26% - sand by damned!) and 12% wish to join the mile-high club.

9. It may not surprise you to read that 80% of French men have orgasms during sex, compared to 59% for women.

10. Only 1 out of 4 French women climax during penetration, and 2 out of 5 declare that masturbation is the best way of assuring an orgasm.

Fake orgasms amongst the FrenchAmorelie

11. Nearly two times more French women have faked an orgasm compared to French men (67% vs. 32%).


12. On average, French men masturbate 9.7 times a month, compared to 3.6 for women... And 39% of women never masturbate. While 33% of women use sex toys during masturbation, only 10% of men do.

13. In case you were wondering, there is a "masturbation gap day", i.e. a day of the year when French women stop masturbating compared to men. Drum roll... It's 17 May. Since women masturbate 62% less than men, that counts for an abstinence of about 7.5 months! Zut alors. 

14. 37% of French people watch porn at least once a month.

15. Finally, 2% of French people masturbate at work. Yep. There that is. 

That's you up to speed with the French sex stats. So, the next time the French lover stereotype is mentioned, let's not forget those orgasm divides... Merci beaucoup.


Additional sources • Amorelie

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