Could this enormous Spider-Man comic book auction break records?

This weekend fans will bid on the largest-ever Spider-Man comic collection
This weekend fans will bid on the largest-ever Spider-Man comic collection   -   Copyright  AP Photo
By Theo Farrant  & AP

On 8 October, Van Eaton Galleries and Auction House in Studio City, California, are selling more than 2,000 Spider-Man comics. 

And with multiple $3 million (approx. €3.07million) sales for a single edition, the comic book industry is definitely no longer child's play. 

Van Eaton Galleries are describing it as the largest and most extensive collection of Spider-Man comics ever offered for public sale. 

The collector's shop have saved nearly every comic book ever produced with a Spider-Man appearance, including the first ever edition of "Amazing Fantasy #15" (1962), considered one of the most sought after items from the Silver age of comics from 1956 to 1969. 

Other highlights of Van Eaton's collection include Spider-Mans appearances in the 'Marvel Tales' series (1964-1994), 'Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man' (1976-1998) and also 57 issues of 'Spidey Super Stories' (1974-1982). 

To register to bid or see a complete list of items, visit the Van Eaton Galleries site

What is the most expensive comic ever sold?

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Image shows the front cover of 'Amazing Fantasy #15'AP Photo

The record sale for a comic book at a public auction belongs to Heritage Auctions, who sold a first edition Spider-Man "Amazing Fantasy #15" issue for $3.6 million (approx. €3.7 million) in 2021, beating the previous record held by a Superman comic. 

Astonishingly, a single page of a Spider-Man comic book, which debuted the now-iconic black costume, fetched a $3.36 million at Heritage Auctions, breaking the record sale for a single page. 

The most expensive comic book ever sold in a private sale is an 8.0 rated copy of 'Superman #1', Clark Kent's first self-titled series, for a humongous $5.3 million (approx. €5.4 million), dethroning Heritage Auctions' 2021 Spider-Man sale.

Video editor • Theo Farrant