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“House of Cards” tumbles down

“House of Cards” tumbles down
By Robert Hackwill  & Wolfgang Spindler

Hit TV show 'House of Cards' has premiered at the Directors Guild of America ahead of its final season.

The disgraced Kevin Spacey is out of the picture and dead and buried in the show, with wife Robin Wright now claiming the central role of president of the United States.

It's a shame Wright will get just eight episodes to put America back on track, as this taster shows she is going to be a very different kind of leader to her late husband.

She says, "We knew we had a big job to do. The writers had an enormous feat, just re-orchestrating a little bit and we all had to jump on board with them so all of us put our work boots on and forged ahead to complete this show."

The final season premieres on Netflix on the 2nd November.