Frank Oz relives television gold in Muppet guys talking

Frank Oz mulls over the muppets with fellow performers
Frank Oz mulls over the muppets with fellow performers Copyright
By Wolfgang Spindler
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The legendary film director gathers a group of Muppet Show performers to talk about their lives, times and the leadership of Jim Henson

The Muppets and their weekly show were and, remain, a big part of many people's lives growing up.


None more so than the cast of performers, five of whom have come together for the first time ever, to discuss the leadership of Jim Henson, the man who created many of the iconic characters.

Frank Oz, one of the original puppeteers, directed the documentary in which the quintet gather.

"We want you to understand that this is how you can work together.' You can work with collaboration. You can long as you have a leader like Jim Henson who's fair, We're very caring of each other." said Oz. "Whenever we work 24 hours a day. We have a lot of fun. We don't grumble because he didn't. And you can do that kind of thing. You really can do that thing. And it doesn't come from outside it comes from inside."

With unexpected stories, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and important insights into how Jim led his team, Muppetguystalking gives a private glimpse into the true spirit of The Muppets and how a culture of innovation, hard work, and playfulness produced one of the most successful creative endeavors in history. can only be seen online at the address of the same name.

Journalist • Tokunbo Salako

Additional sources • AP

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