Rock star Johnny Hallyday leaves his mark on Turkey

Rock star Johnny Hallyday leaves his mark on Turkey
By Euronews

Johnny Hallyday, who died on Wednesday, released several songs in Turkish.

He may have been known outside France as “the biggest rock star you’ve never heard of”, but Johnny Hallyday left his mark on Turkey.

Back in 1966, he released three songs in Turkish. The mini album went on to be sold at auction in 2003 for a record 15,000 euros.

Hallyday died on Wednesday (December 6) at the age of 74. Sezen Cumhur Önal, the Turkish songwriter he collaborated with, offered his condolences. "My dear music lovers, my deepest condolences to you. Johnny Hallyday was an artist, a singer, a legend who left a mark on our hearts with his voice. Not only in France, but all of Europe and the old world loved him. We found the beauty and heartbeats of life in his songs. It was also pleasure writing songs for such a valuable singer. I met him in Paris and he sang a song that I wrote the lyrics for."

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