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Eclectic Estonia at the Tallinn Music Week

Eclectic Estonia at the Tallinn Music Week
By Christopher Cummins  with Agencies

Estonian folk power trio Trad Attack!! make a triumphant return to Tallinn Music Week, three years after a trail blazing appearance at the music and urban culture showcase festival.

This year’s event features an eclectic programme of 237 artists from 33 countries at venues spread across the city.

Mart Avi, a 25-year old Estonian, borrows from the 80s with his staged, synth based pop: “Some of these aren’t really my stories they are like characters I play different characters and they have their own backgrounds,” the young Estonian is a fan as well as performer:
“Well, the best: Bowie, Prince, Miles Davis. The best,” he admitted.

Mart Avi’s third album ‘Rogue Wave’ reached came second in the Estonian Best-Album-of-the-year award, behind David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar.’

Estbel, the name gives it away, are a Belgian, Estonian collaboration, made up of two Belgians and two Estonians, all four harbour a love for traditional music and instruments.

‎Indie popster C Duncan Glasgow also made an impact when he first played here two years ago. Now after a Mercury nomination, the band return Tallinn Music Week.

He explained how he got into the business:
“Basically I was doing music from my very young age Than I went to study classical composition and once I was doing that I realised Pop music is kind of fun as well but making pop music particularly I finished university and I actually thought, this is what I’m gonna do. I utilised all my classical training.”

C Duncan’s second collection is ‘The Midnight Sun’ named after an episode of the
‘The Twilight Zone.’

He is due to tour the UK in May.

Oscar nominee, Hauschka performed pieces for prepared piano.

The experimental pianist received his nomination for the soundtrack to the film ‘Lion,’ staring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman.