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Capturing wildlife on Art Safari

Capturing wildlife on Art Safari
By Euronews  with AGENCIES

A group of safari artists have the privilege to create a still life of the fastest land animal, the cheetah, at the Na an Kuse Game Reserve, Namibia.
Easel in rucksack the artists have travelled long distances to explore and draw some of southern Africa’s premier game reserves and national parks for art safari.

Next to be consigned to paper is the endangered white rhino.
Those on the trip say there is a unique connection between the artist and the animal.
As Safari Artist Fran Williams explains: “I read somewhere, or I was told, that when you sit and paint or draw an animal, you actually have the opportunity to look into its soul. And I think having just sat for probably 20 minutes, half an hour, and drawn a rhino several times, I think this is very true and I’m sure it applies to all animals.”
Art safaris are open to all ages and those with or without a traditional artistic background.