Tanita Tikaram is back with new album

Tanita Tikaram is back with new album
By Euronews

If you were around in the Eighties, you will doubtless remember Tanita Tikaram’s husky voice, which graced her best-selling album ‘Ancient Heart’ and its hit single ‘Twist in my Sobriety’.

After spending time on the road with her band, the 46-year-old singer songwriter is back with a new album and its light-hearted single ‘The Way you Move’.

‘‘It’s a song about really loving the way that people move, however they move and however they dance. It’s a really innocent song and I’m really glad I wrote it,” she says.

Although her new album ‘Closer To The People’ still carries all the jazz, soul and R&B hallmarks that she has come to be known for, Tikaram has also invited her band further into the music-making process.

‘‘The idea that I had was very much from working with a touring band – and having a very strong relationship with my musicians and having the sense that I should make something which also sits very much in a modern setting.”

Tikaram – who was born in Germany and moved to the UK with her family in her early teens – was just 19 when she was propelled to stardom in the late Eighties.

After a couple of unsuccessful albums, she took a break from the music industry.

“I think when you’re young and you start very young you’re not necessarily sure about why you are doing things and especially if a lot of success is given to you without you feeling that you’ve really earned it,” she says of the experience. “And also just being a young woman you are really finding your identity and trying to, just exploring life and you don’t necessarily want to do that in a public way.’‘

Tanita Tikaram is currently touring Europe with her new album ‘Closer To The People’. The single ‘The Way you Move’ is out now.