Petite Noir tours with 'Life is Beautiful'

Petite Noir tours with 'Life is Beautiful'
By Euronews

South African musician Petite Noir is currently touring Europe with his debut album ‘La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful’.

Born in Belgium to a Congolese father and an Angolan mother, the artist, who grew up in Cape Town and now lives in London, offers an eclectic mix of musical influences. More of a concept than a specific sound, he describes his music – which mixes contemporary electronics with African shuffles – as ‘Noirwave’, a blend between where he was born and lives in Europe and his African heritage.

“The definition we had for it before was ‘a new wave in African aesthetic’. First it used to be ‘New Wave’ because it was new wave music, but now it is like ‘a new wave’, which means it is a whole movement, you know, it is a whole wave, with an African aesthetic, you know, we are African,” he explains.

Petite Noir released his debut album ‘La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful’ to mostly positive reviews last September.

His tour is taking him to Germany and France before further gigs in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.