International choreographers perform at the Cairo Dance Festival

International choreographers perform at the Cairo Dance Festival
By Euronews

Seven choreographers from Egypt, the UK, the US, Canada and the Netherlands have come together at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Festival ‘By Chance.’

Dutch dancer and choreographer Anna Maria
Suijkerbuijk has worked as an artist in residence at the Ezzat Ezzat Dance Company in Caïro, Egypt.

“It’s a collaboration between seven choreographers, who by chance all wanted to perform to work in the same period, so we decided to work together, and create one festival.”

Along with Ezzat Ismail the duo performed ‘Continued,’ which represents life as a continues movement.

Ezzat Ismail describes the piece: “It exposes the moments when we are hit by life’s problems and how they affect us, and shows the psychological impact when these problems are over, also how can we accept the problems and how we can continue in this life.”

‘The Balance’ choreographed by Egyptian dancer Hossam Abd Elhameed describes dream and balance and the relationship they share.

The choreographer explains:“It’s the balance between the past and the present and between the good and bad things, and between different types of dance, trying to explain human emotion, like hate and control, I tried to mix all these things together, me and the other person who is my mirror.”

American Megan Mazarick presented “Monster” a piece of work, which creates fantasy by mixing up archetypes.

Cairo-based NUT Dance Company presented “Bolt” a show by choreographer Hazem Header focusing on issues of gender in Egyptian society.

Our correspondent in Cairo Mohammed Shaikhibrahim says:
“Dance troupes crossed borders bringing with them a message of peace, joy and escapism for those living in the turbulent region.”