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EU Parliament Elections
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Europe’s most innovative, interactive and comprehensive resource dedicated to campaigns, elections and political polling for the 2024 European Elections.


Across our brand new web site you will find unique features that provide a range of information to help better track political trends that shape the European Union.

The Euronews Polls Centre allows users to see the distribution of European Parliament by viewing the selectable Map View feature to compare current and future seats for each EU member. Users can also utilize the Graph View to compare current seats with the Euronews Forecast for 2024, our projection for how seats will be dispersed among the EU Party Groups based on current polling data. 

Use our Euronews Polls Centre interactive map to navigate the continent’s EU members, or use the dropdown bar to select a country. To exit, just click the map or return to “select a country.” 

After selecting a country, you will find three unique features: Euronews Guidebooks, Euronews Polling resources and visualizations, and Euronews Analysis. 

Follow the Euronews Polls Centre Guidebooks to gain a brief introduction of any EU country, its current EU Parliamentary distribution, and how the political situation is evolving ahead of June’s EU election. Guidebooks are a tool to help better understand the basic political nuances of each EU member. 

To get a deeper scope of information and insights, select our Euronews Polls Centre Analysis. Developed by regionally-based specialists in politics, research and polling, our authentic, insider perspective on elections and polling analysis will help readers better grasp the machinations and movements that shape Europe’s elections. Each country will include a fresh outlook on how the latest trends can be interpreted, which way voters are moving and the issues that can be expected to dictate outcome in upcoming elections.

In our Polls feature users will find an array of resources. In every EU member-state, Euronews developed a proprietary methodology for averaging publicly-released third-party polls—the Euronews Polls AverageEuronews is also thrilled to announce a partnership with Ipsos. Utilizing the extensive reach and scale of Ipsos market research capabilities, the Euronews Polls Centre includes political surveys for 18 EU-member-states with a focus on June’s EU election. Follow the voting intentions and tops issues responses to learn more about the latest voter trends in Europe’s largest nations.

Finally, the homepage includes the Polls Centre’s most avant-garde feature: the Euronews Forecast Tool. Using the Forecast Tool, you can develop your own structure and distribution for the 2024 EU Parliamentary term. Follow the directions to build your own EU Parliament by selecting seats contributed by each country’s national parties. The template is based on the Euronews Polls Centre Forecast model, but with just a few clicks, users can reshape the EU Parliament with their own predictions for June’s election. By selecting the “coalitions” option, users can construct their own EU Group coalitions, should it look like no single party can build a governing majority.

Stay up to date on the polls, opinions and political movements that define Europe. Check back in at for regular updates and enhancements to Euronews Polls Centre.

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