Russian missile destroys market in Kharkiv region killing two people

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By Euronews
Russian missile hits Shevechenkove, Kharkiv region
Russian missile hits Shevechenkove, Kharkiv region   -  Copyright  Roman Chop/Copyright 2023 The AP.

At least two women in their fifties and sixties were killed and at least seven others were injured after a Russian missile hit Shevechenkove in the Kharkiv region on Monday, according to Ukrainian officials.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have eliminated dozens of Ukrainian fighters in Donetsk.

Armoured vehicles from the west

The Kremlin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said the announcement of new deliveries of armoured vehicles from western countries won't change a thing.

"These deliveries cannot and will not be able to change anything in Ukraine. These deliveries can add pain to the Ukrainian people and prolong their sufferings, but principally they will be unable to solve anything and disrupt the process of achieving the goals of the special military operation," explained Peskov.

Bakhmut bombardment

Bakhmut is bombarded on a daily basis by the Russian army and on Monday, the separatists of the Donetsk region announced they've captured a nearby town, Bakhmutske.

However, the Wagner mercenary group claimed on social networks that it was they who took it and that it happened last month.

The US says the Wagner Group is interested in the salt and gypsum mines nearby.