Emergency shelter in Lviv helps Ukrainians as they flee to Poland

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By Euronews
Thousands of refugees arrive at a train station in Lviv, Ukraine.
Thousands of refugees arrive at a train station in Lviv, Ukraine.   -   Copyright  Credit: AFP

A mass wave of refugees from Ukraine are crossing into neighbouring countries to flee the fighting, and many of them are finding their way to Poland.

According to Poland's prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, around half a million people have already arrived in his country, and more are expected to follow.

Many who make that journey stop in Lviv, a Ukrainian town near the Polish border.

The city houses a train station with a route to Poland and an emergency shelter where some can stay for a night before moving on the next day.

“It was very tough. I do not want to leave Ukraine. I want to stay in my country”, said Daria, a 29-year-old with two sons.

So far, Russian forces have not attacked the city. And many of its inhabitants have attempted to help the refugees that pass through.

“The residents of Lviv bring lots of food, clothing, blankets, all that is needed for the night”, said Alesja, a volunteer at the overnight shelter.

On Thursday, shortly after the war started, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees predicted that 4 million people could be forced to leave Ukraine in the coming weeks.

And that situation could turn into “Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century”.