Sweden train and bus crash: Dramatic footage shows accident near Gothenburg

Only three passengers suffered minor injuries in the incident.
Only three passengers suffered minor injuries in the incident.   -  Copyright  AP via FREDDY PERSSON
By Euronews

Remarkably, only three train passengers reported minor injuries in the incident.

A train has derailed in Sweden after colliding with a bus near the city of Gothenburg.

The accident happened at 07.39 local time on a railway crossing between the villages of Lillhagen and Gunnestorp.

Remarkably, no serious injuries have been reported in the incident.

"Three people have visited the health centre themselves with minor injuries," Swedish police said in a statement.

Around 50 people were on board the train, while the driver of the bus had left the empty vehicle before the collision.

Video from the scene showed a bus parked, apparently stuck, on the railway line before it was hit by the travelling train at speed.

Rescue authorities were still working at the scene on Monday afternoon to salvage the partly derailed train.

"The accident is currently being investigated as negligence in traffic, no one is currently being suspect of any crime," police added.

The wreckage of the bus has been seized for further technical investigation.

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