Woman from medical staff taking box carried by drone

Drones carrying vital medical supplies have landed at Ziv Medical Centre in northern Israel.

The aircraft are part of a pilot scheme being run by the company Simplex C2 in connection with the hospital.

"This technology is unique because of the fact that we install a mission computer in a regular drone, an off-the-shelf drone, practically converting it into a smart robot that is able to fly with other drones in the same airspace," said Shay Levy, CEO of Simplex C2.

As many countries grapple with a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the need to get medical supplies and tests from one location to another is more important than ever.

And the drones mean items can be moved without the need for humans to expose themselves to the risk of travelling during the pandemic.

During the pilot, the machines have delivered coronavirus tests and other medical supplies at close range and also at a distance of up to 5km.

There are plans to expand the scheme and have the drones work over a longer range, carrying heavier cargo.