New political party representing second-generation migrants launches in Italy

'Future is Now' leader Yassine El Ghlid speaking to Euronews
'Future is Now' leader Yassine El Ghlid speaking to Euronews   -  Copyright  Euronews/Giorgia Orlandi
By Giorgia Orlandi  & Alessio Dell'Anna

The party is called 'Future is Now' and was founded by the son of two Morrocan migrants.

Migration is a divisive issue in Italy where arrivals have almost quadrupled since 2019.

The anti-migrant narrative has proved successful for League leader and former deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini — his party, though no longer in government, has been leading the country's polls for over a year.

A new party, however, is attempting to drive change on the subject; Futuro E' Ora (Future is Now), which launched on Friday in Pontedera, Tuscany, aims to fight for the rights of migrants.

Its leader, Yassine El Ghlid, was born in Morocco 31 years ago and obtained Italian citizenship at the 21.

He dreams of granting every second-generation immigrant, like himself, the right to Italian nationality.

"We're fed up of having to delegate questions that concern us to other people," he told Euronews' Italy correspondent Giorgia Orlandi.

"Because when it comes to migration, social inclusion... only those who have been through similar experiences should have a say on this."

"Anyone who is born here to parents who are both migrants should have the right to get Italian citizenship," adds another party member, Serigne Khadim Dieng, who became a lawyer in Italy after moving to the country from Senegal.

Watch Euronews' full report on this in the above video player.

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