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Spain's long, hot coronavirus summer sparks swimming pool craze

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By Daniel Bellamy  & Juan Carlos dos Santos
Spain's long, hot coronavirus summer sparks swimming pool craze

The lockdown and now the summer heat has sparked a swimming pool craze in Spain.

Pool sales have shot up for 400 per cent, Spanish manufacturers say, as the month of May was the hottest in the country for 55 years.

José and his family are among those that bought a pool because they don't want to swim anywhere they might be exposed to coronavirus.

"We didn't know how long this pandemic would last, whether we were going to be able to travel or not, if we were going to be able to go to the pool or we weren't going to be able to," José María Muñoz said.

Manufacturers have warned customers to be careful where they put their new pool.

"Normally a floor can hold about 1000 kilos, but it is there to support the weight of people or furniture, but not the weight of a pool of water. A 2x2-metres pool can weigh up to 4000 or 4500 kilos," Mayte Nieto from DTP Pools said.

Fans have also become a must-have summer accessory, and for the millions who've been working from home they've become essential.

"We've noticed an increase in overhead Spain we're growing by over 65 per cent," Jesús Olivas, a sector manager for Leroy Merlín Alcorcón said.

In Madrid people can now go out and lounge in the park but although the lockdown is now over people remain cautious

The summer sun is being overshadowed by the threat of more coronavirus outbreaks.