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Judo Values: it all comes down to respect

By Euronews
Judo Values: it all comes down to respect
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Just like most other sports right now, the world of Judo has been badly hit by the current global health emergency prompted by the coronavirus. For now, international competition is on hold, but that doesn't stop us reminding you about some of the great core values that epitomise this martial art. In this episode of Judo Values we talk to three of the sport's stars about respect.

"To do judo I think you need respect. Because judo doesn't work if you don't have an opponent.

Abe Uta, Japanese judokate

"In judo, every training session begins and ends with a bow, every fight begins and ends with a bow.And to me, this signal of respect is of utmost importance.''

Timna Nelson Levy, Israeli Judokate.


''Judo has taught me many things about life. To be a correct human being, to respect others, to appreciate everyone, and generally, what I am today is because of judo."

Ilias Iliadis, Greek Judoka