Romania revokes nomination for its interim EU commissioner

Romania revokes nomination for its interim EU commissioner
By Rachael Kennedy
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Romania has withdrawn its nomination for interim EU commissioner in the final weeks of Juncker's mandate.


Romania has withdrawn its nomination of an interim commissioner for the final weeks of the Jean-Claude Juncker-led European Commission.

Ioan Mircea Pașcu, the 70-year-old former Romanian defence minister, was set to fill-in as commissioner for Corina Crețu, who quit earlier this summer to become an MEP.

But on Wednesday, Pașcu wrote on Facebook that Romania's ambassador to the EU had told him that she had received instruction to revoke his candidacy.

He wrote: "I take note and comply, as announced, to the decision taken by [Romanian Prime Minister] Vasilica Viorica Dăncilă!"

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Romanian representation to the EU confirmed in an email to Euronews that the nomination had been withdrawn.

The Juncker Commission is entering its final weeks and will finish in October.

Juncker had earlier insisted that countries do not try to replace any commissioners after the European elections in May as the cost to the taxpayer would be too great.

In an interview with BILD, he said the replacement of each commissioner would cost the taxpayer around a million euros for relocation, staff and a life-long pension.

He added: "The work of the departing commissioners can easily be shared out among the remaining commissioners for four months.

"If heads of state or government insist on replacing them, no citizen will understand this!"

Despite these comments, Romania and Estonia nominated interim commissioners for their final few months of Juncker's term.

He confirmed the nominees as commissioners-designate, but said they would not be handed any portfolios "in view of the short remainder of the mandate".

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