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General Election would be an 'enormous gamble' for Johnson - former Labour minister

General Election would be an 'enormous gamble' for Johnson - former Labour minister
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Holding a General Election to try to break a Brexit impasse would be an 'enormous gamble' for the Prime Minister, according to a former Labour Europe Minister.

Boris Johnson yesterday demanded rebels in his own party support him, threatening to hold a General Election if they didn't.

Denis Macshane, former Labour Europe Minister in Tony Blair's Labour administration, told Euronews' Good Morning Europe:

"I’ve been astonished at the heavyweight people in the Conservative Party who have said “we are not even going to dream of a No Deal”.

"If that (anti-‘No Deal’) law is passed today, Boris Johnson has to decide whether to call a General Election – and that may be blocked anyway in parliament.

"To defeat Johnson on calling a General Election would be a humiliating defeat for him. I’m not sure he could stay in office.

"If there is an election ... it could all go horribly wrong. There’d be a couple of days on Brexit and then the remaining twenty or thirty days would have to be on issues that matter to people and Johnson and the Conservatives’ record is weak."

"It’s not a question of Corbyn being more popular. Mr Johnson would have become one of the London elite not giving people a chance to vote on their future."

"An election will solve nothing – suppose there is by some miracle a Johnson majority; the EU position is very simple and that is ‘we’re going to defend our single market created over 70 years, we’re not going to allow you to bust it up, we’re not going to give you a special privilege.’

"An election would actually change nothing."

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