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What do Danes think about Donald Trump cancelling his Denmark trip?

What do Danes think about Donald Trump cancelling his Denmark trip?
By Euronews
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Donald Trump this week postponed a trip to Denmark because its prime minister refused to discuss the sale of Greenland. We spoke to Danes to get their view on Trump's move... and they were scathing.


Donald Trump this week postponed a trip to Denmark because its prime minister refused to discuss the sale of Greenland.

The US president was due to visit the Scandinavian country between August 31 and September 3.

But he took to Twitter to delay the visit after Danish PM Mette Frederiksen called his bid to buy Greenland "absurd".

Greenland is an autonomous region of Denmark, but Copenhagen retains control over the island’s foreign affairs.

We’ve been out on the streets of the Danish capital to get Danes’ views of Trump’s trip being postponed. 

Laura Toxværd - musician and researcher

"My opinion is the same as our government. It is a shame considering the collaboration between Denmark and the US and the good relations, so yes, it’s just a shame.

"I have heard that he might have had plans to cancel before he had heard Mette Frederiksen say it [discussing sale of Greenland] was absurd. But if that really is the case I would say that it is an absurd reason for cancelling.

"It’s clear that you have to reject such an absurd idea because Denmark cannot sell Greenland. Greenland is a country of its own that we just happen to be in the commonwealth with. So he has to speak with Greenland about investing in them. It’s a colonial way of thinking. A hundred years old way of thinking about countries and people."

Elly Neilson - retired

"I think it is an insult against Denmark, and to the Queen whom he even might have called in the first place, himself, to try to get invited. He is small-minded, and I think it very poor of a statesman to get offended by such a statement made by Mette Frederiksen. That is just too bad handled by a statesman.

"You might discuss the wording but I think ‘absurd’ was absolutely not a too strong word to use. Because I really think, it was absurd! Greenland is not for sale, that is something I think we all agree about."

Jørgen Jensen - retired butcher

"He is a bit of a sissy because he cannot get Greenland he a sissy. I think that is a bit funny. But we save a lot of money [in security and other costs from Trump postponing] and that is a good thing. Then perhaps the pension is raised, let’s hope!

"It’s ridiculous, it’s completely ridiculous thinking about all the things that have been put in motion because one of the most powerful men in the world should arrive and then he makes such a big fuss about it."

Henrik Hessellund Hansen - butcher

"I think it's good [that Trump postponed] - don't come. He's a terrible person and I don't understand how he can be a president.

"Go away and stay in the United States.

"[Postponing] because you want to buy Greenland? It's not Denmark anymore so I don't understand how he can be so upset about that."


Emilie Høye - student

"Honestly I want to say I'm surprised but I feel like anything could come from his side so I wasn't [surprised]."

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