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Watch: A new footbridge will reunite the two halves of Tintagel Castle

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By Sinead Barry  with Reuters
Footbridge unites halves of Tintagel Castle
Footbridge unites halves of Tintagel Castle   -   Copyright  Reuters

A new footbridge reuniting Tintagel Castle on the Cornish coast is due to open this weekend in southern England.

It used to be connected by a bridge that has eroded away over time.

When the castle was built by the order of the Earl of Cornwall, the 13th-century gatehouse was placed on the mainland and the courtyard on the island in the sea.

Legend has it that the United Kingdom's mythical King Arthur was born on the site, prompting the earl to build the fortress.

The new bridge is almost 60 metres above sea level and weighs 5 million pounds (2,267,962 kg). The structure includes a 40mm gap in the middle to represent the partition between the mainland and the headland. Made of steel, oak, and local Cornish slate, the bridge will restore a lost passage to this legendary historic site.

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