Everybody around the world needs to play their part in climate change: May

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By Euronews
Everybody around the world needs to play their part in climate change: May

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday took questions in Parliament at one of her last PMQs in office.

Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said May could neither get her own party's support on her Brexit deal nor that of opposition, adding she should have thought of an alternative.

Corbyn said a no-deal scenario would crash the economy and the labour market. May answered saying that she was aware of this and that it was in fact, the Labour Party that had blocked the deal when votes mattered the most.

On the subject of domestic abuse, May said a draft bill to tackle the issue would ensure that everyone had access to the services they needed.

Concerning refugees, May said: "We can as a country be proud of everything we have done to help refugees and children affected by violence." She added that the government had granted family reunification visas and asylum to several thousand people since 2010. "We have a proud record of helping refugees and we will continue with the proud record," she said.

On education, May said that her government had channelled more funding into schools, the distribution of which had been made fairer across the country. "I want kids to go as far as their talents and hard work take them."

May also said she was determined to show that the UK was the safest place to be online. "Tech companies have a responsibility while putting out content, so as to avoid self-harm, especially among the vulnerable."

On climate change and global warming, May said she had encouraged European and international leaders to follow the UK's lead in reducing carbon emissions. "Everybody around the world needs to play their part," she said.

On terrorism, especially in light of the London bridge terrorist attack, May said her government was doing its best to raise the Exceptional Case Funding to go to victims and bereaved families.

Speaking about the G20 summit, she said leaders had discussed pressing global challenges such as terrorism propaganda, climate change and global economy. "I believe we are stronger when we work together," said May.

Adding that the group had agreed upon the overriding need for international compromises on climate change. "We agreed on the irreversibility of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It's a disappointment that the US continues to walk out of this crucial agreement," she said. May pledged her commitment to meeting the UK's climate change goals and reducing greenhouse emissions.

May will step down as Conservative party leader on 7 June.