Watch: Aston Martin Red Bull talks Formula 1 going green

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By Euronews
Formula 1 cars now use 35% less fuel than in 2014
Formula 1 cars now use 35% less fuel than in 2014   -  Copyright  Red Bull

Formula 1 has long been considered a dirty sport. Petrol fumes and the stench of burning rubber are common associations.

But the sport, which maintainss the title of biggest team sport on Earth, is going green.

Mercedes McLaren claimed to become the first carbon neutral F1 team as far back as 2011. Meanwhile, in 2014, F1 amended its rules, requiring cars to ditch large 2.4-litre V8 engines in favour of more fuel efficient 1.6-litre V6 engines.

The cars now also use hybrid technology, with kinetic energy recovery systems to convert power generated when the driver brakes, into energy to boost the electric turbochargers.

We caught up with Christian Horner, team principal of Aston Martin Red Bull, at the Cannes Lions creative festival to see how the sport is harnessing alternatives.

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