Street art transforms a district of Bolivia capital, La Paz

Images of indigenous Aymara women selling produce and spices in the streets, hummingbirds taking flight and multicoloured geometrical shapes burst from what once was plain adobe and brick walls on a hillside of Bolivia's capital.

The state-sponsored project aims to use urban art to capture some of the rich traditions of Bolivia's indigenous culture and turn the area into a tourist attraction.

This La Paz neighbourhood is located about 12,500 feet (3,800 metres) above sea level and it's reached by a steep staircase known ominously as "The 1,000 steps."

The project director, urban artist Knorke Leaf, said the murals seek to "bring joy" to the locals and attract tourists

"They painted my home," said Eusebia Huanca, who has lived in the neighbourhood for 50 years. "I am going to live with joy."