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Banksy: “Genius or Vandal?" exhibition in Lisbon

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By Louise Miner  with EUROVISION
Banksy: “Genius or Vandal?" exhibition in Lisbon

Seventy original works by the British artist Banksy are on display in Lisbon, Portugal.

The anonymous artist includes his distinctive stencilling technique, sculptors, videos and photographs.

This exhibition has already been to Moscow and Madrid attracting more than 600,000 people.

Alexander Nachkebiya, curator of the exhibition said, "He is a messenger, he is not somebody who can solve anything, he is not somebody who has the power to solve a problem, he is just showing us the problem, he is a messenger that gives us the message of guys. We have to stop somehow and think about it and then do something about it."

Nachkebiya added, "I've seen people going in the room and crying because it is really a touching achievement. He doesn´t judge, he gives us an idea and a reason to think and the people always feel that and that`s what makes him different."

The "Genius or Vandal" exhibit will end on 27 October.

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