Dirty protest? Toilet roll with Maduro’s face for sale online

Dirty protest? Toilet roll with Maduro’s face for sale online
By Lauren Chadwick
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For €8.28 you can buy toilet paper with Nicolas Maduro's face on it.


Toilet paper featuring an image of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s face has sparked amusement on social media.

The product, available to buy online, features Maduro’s face on each sheet.

He is currently facing heavy international criticism over the violence and humanitarian crisis in his country.

More than 50 countries now recognise Venezuela's leader as opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who this week called for the military to join an uprising against Maduro.

Although there are few comments on the toilet paper’s actual quality users did not hesitate to bring up the subject matter instead.

“Do you hate dictators that make entire nations starve? I sure do. That's why when I use toilet paper I prefer to use Nicolas Maduro toilet paper,” one user commented on Amazon.

Twitter users, on the other hand, tweeted out the photo of Maduro toilet paper to spread awareness about its charity purpose.

According to the seller's post on Instagram, a portion of the €8.28 it costs will go to Venezuela Aid Live, an organisation dedicated to raising money and resources for Venezuela.

The organisation – originally created as a music concert by billionaire Richard Branson – claims to have raised at least $2,351,812 for aid organisations in Venezuela and in Colombia.

The concert took place on February 22 in Colombia but the organisation is continuing to raise money for the cause.

The masterminds behind the toilet paper are Venezuelans from New York, according to Spanish media.

Early media reports of economic shortages in Venezuela included claims that people could not find critical items such as food and toilet paper. In 2013, ironically, Venezuela said it was importing 50 million rolls of toilet paper due to shortages linked to the economic crisis.

Not all users were comfortable with the image of Maduro on their toilet paper, though. One user commented that although a “good idea”, they were not about to subject themselves to Maduro’s face on their bottoms.

The product currently has a five-star rating on Amazon.

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