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Breakfast with Belle in Athens: 'young voters have to be engaged' says Greek MEP

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By Lindsay Rempel  & Belle Donati
Breakfast with Belle in Athens: 'young voters have to be engaged' says Greek MEP

In the run-up to the European elections, Good Morning Europe host Belle Donati is travelling across the continent to meet Members of the European Parliament in their own constituencies. She's grabbing breakfast with them to talk about how they take their coffee - and how they want to change Europe.

In this instalment, she speaks with Greek MEP, Eva Kaili who is member of the left-leaning Socialists and Democrats Group.

Before entering the European Parliament you were of course a member of the Greek Parliament. Does that mean that you feel able to talk for the Greek people better than others?

Actually yes - basically it helped me a lot because I realised immediately what I could do, and how I could be more useful. I think this is what we need in these times. I tried to bring the problems from Greece to solve them in Europe. And you know what, actually it works. You can solve problems, you can bring solutions to your country through Europe. Because, a big part, maybe the biggest part of legislation takes place there.

In your perfect world, would it be a place where every internet user was educated enough to be able to recognise or at least check themselves, whether something was real or manipulated?

Well, I think that would be the perfect world. But also we don’t have perfect politicians. So I know that there are politicians that if they manage to be elected and they have the right to take down everything they consider is fake, or it’s not convenient, then this would be even worse. So this is my concern, to protect us from somebody deciding what is true.

So for you, if you were trying to think of a few things that you want to change about Europe, are there any? Or for you is it running just as it should be?

I would like, I would like to change a lot of things. I would like to make it more fair, I would like to reduce inequalities we haven’t. I would be more fast to taking decisions and try to have a more harmonised environment.

Is it through social media that that message has to try and go down to voters?

Well through social media, I think you have to make sure that young voters will be engaged. They will take their future in their hands and they will do something about it. I started when I was like 22, everybody was telling me - I cannot change the world, I should not even try, I should stay home, I should work and do something different. And if I had listened to them, they would create a future without me participating. So at least now I can say I tried.

So, going into these elections, are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Oh, well I’m always optimistic and I’m trying to make sure that my party will be more modern and it will respond to what citizens need to listen to, it will be more relevant. You cannot change things doing things the old way, you have to adapt, and you have to be doing things based on principles.

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